Increasing Value with Effective Communication

Increasing Value with Effective Communication

Increasing Value with Effective Communication 150 150 Justin

Communication is an often underutilized skill and one that your clients will greatly appreciate next to driving leads and hitting deadlines. Here are a few ways to instantly increase your client experience for the better.

1. Ask better questions that position you to lead the conversation. -Develop a strategy based on asking the right questions that get you the answers you need in a timely manner. Sometimes a client can get caught up in the emotional aspect of their decision making or are too busy to figure out what to say.

2. Make a connection and pick up the phone, clear any confusion swiftly – There really is no reason not to pick up the phone. The saturation of the digital age has fostered even worse communication because we are using more tools to communicate causing us to miss vital queues.. Schedule a time if necessary but pick up the phone and build the relationship. The tone and inflection ensure sincerity on your behalf of the project and the outcome for your client.

3. Get to the point – Don’t drone on with stories. Time is short and tells people exactly what it is you’re looking for and how you can arrive at the solution keeping them focused on what matters. 

4. Make it easy to communicate and get feedback – Your clients want to be heard and have plenty to say. Make it easy for them to tell you what is on their mind. Feedback loops aren’t just a way for your clients to voice their opinion but to guide them along the way on how to communicate their vision and get the information you need for continued success and growth.

5. Create value by Informing and educating – Take some time to invest in updating your clients ahead of time. This creates value letting them know so they don’t have to wonder. Develop an onboarding process that helps set the stage and instills further trust with your client.

6. Bridge the gap by implementing an experience strategy model – Communication to some is an art form and some of us are better at it than others. Get a consultant, (shameless plug) like myself that helps agencies develop a solid strategy to communicate better. Utilize an expert who speaks both the language of the agency and the business owner.