Crisis management

Crisis management

Project details

Punta Gabriela was a web client being handled by a South Florida Creative Agency that had a series of hiccups and delays.

The project was off course by over 8 months with communication issues plaguing development. 

I was asked by the agency to help oversee the project to get it back on track but mostly to regain the confidence from the client on behalf of the agency. Immediately I discovered there were two major factors that led the project to the current state it was at. The production staff simply not doing the work assigned to them, but that wasn’t the only issue. The other issue was all instructions had to go through another middle man leaving the project in limbo and the agency with no accountability.

Through increased personal oversight working through the hurdles, the project reached a 95% completion rate with more delays. What was the continued issue that still kept this project from moving more fluidly? The agency kept the old systems in place limiting its potential for growth and improvement. This client was left feeling undervalued and in this circumstance, they weren’t valued as highly as other client priorities.  

Upon launch, using oversea developers the website was left with security gaps resulting in hacks within just 1 week of launch. The overall experience the client had with the agency was a horrible one that creates a poor industry experience vortex.

During my oversight on the project, I was sure to utilize my own strategies when it came to working with the client directly. This is a different internal operation strategy I use from inside agency walls. 

The experience I created for the client led to them seeking me out to not only repair and recreate a whole new end product but open the door for new opportunities and an invite to his beautiful property overlooking the ocean in Costa Rica.


Category : Crisis management 

Company Type : Hospitality

Client : Punta Gabriela

Location : Fort Lauderdale, Fl – Dominical, Costa Rica