About Justin Bordeaux


20 Years of experience

From tech and healthcare to fashion and videogames, Justin has experience in multiple industries applying his brand expertise to companies that seek next level growth, market share, or reorganization for struggling businesses.


Justin is the President and Co-Founder of Cypher Fitness, a break and mental fitness organization. He has also built other brands including a publication, video game development firm and a creative agency. He has coached executives on their start ups from Miami to Los Angeles.


A 20 year strategy expert in brand architecture, I’ve helped companies from Miami to California and New York spanning various industries. Justin finds solutions for entrepreneurs, executives, and small businesses. 

Brand Architect of Savvy Agency, with 15+ years as an entrepreneur in strategic brand positioning experience. Bordeaux has spent his career building robust company visions, strengthening brand equity and establishing KPIs that increase bottom-line growth.

Previously, Bordeaux served as Founder of The Gravity Group, which later merged with Cypher Fitness LLC; Vice President Visual Communications of 360 Lab; Vice President of Gaming and Development of Kino Network; and other leading roles. For more about his experience, visit LinkedIn.

Justin Bordeaux earned his BS degree in Graphic Design and Advertising from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

President & CoFounder

Cypher Fitness is a Hip Hop Break & Mental Fitness certification program. It is a multi-faceted business that focuses on building strong characters and leaders within the fitness industry.

Advisory Board Member

Justin serves as a brand strategy advisor to the CEO, Dominic Sharlette and has aided in Dominic in multiple business endeavors over the last several years. Piv.it is a health technology company.


“As a consultant, my job isn’t to know everything nor to know more than the CEO, but rather to know how to find solutions and ask better questions.”

I seriously don't know he does it but he just keeps pulling off the impossible in the 11th hour. He has been the biggest asset I have had in a very long time. He has made everything easier and It’s been vital knowing I have someone I could trust to just get the job done.
Dmitry K. CEO Motorsport Games
After meeting Justin, he set my mind at ease. He walked me through his process, which is what I wanted. His diligence in ensuring he captured what I wanted resulting in a new logo and brand that I never would have come up with on my own or by simply telling him what I wanted and skipping the process. I not only would recommend Justin to others but would trust him with my own clients and brand.
Charles Johnston President - HW Digital Solutions
I don't want to sound too over the top, but Justin has been AMAZING! It's fabulous when you meet and work with someone that gets you, the company and our vision. His work ethic is superior, just like his talent and it's an absolute pleasure working with Justin.
Anne Quirino Director of Operations