2020 – 5 MUSTS for Strategic Positioning

The singular common thread in any business is to grow financially. Not all businesses have the intent to make a positive difference in the world. Some operate by means of transactional leadership with a reward and coercion model while others only want to focus on the goodness of hugs and feeling like they made a […]

Increasing Value with Effective Communication

Communication is an often underutilized skill and one that your clients will greatly appreciate next to driving leads and hitting deadlines. Here are a few ways to instantly increase your client experience for the better. 1. Ask better questions that position you to lead the conversation. -Develop a strategy based on asking the right questions […]

Negotiating logo design

So you need a logo and you are asking yourself “why do logos cost so much!?”. Logos value are completely based on how your own perception of value. If you only value a logo, mark or brand icon to be worth no more than $200 well then that’s how much it’s worth to you. If a […]