Brand Strategy Services & Brand Consulting

Brand Positioning

Discover the holes that are keeping your brand from scaling with a full Brand Audit and Brand Strategy. Position, strategize and implement your brand.

Brand Workshop

Work on your brand growing it with a private workshop or one on one coaching. Education and guidance on discovering and resolving key areas of brand leadership.

Fractional CMO 

Get the expertise you need without long-term commitment. Working month to month helping with customer acquisition, conversion optimization, and company growth.


Available for smaller intimate settings to speaking with large groups. Justin covers leadership in branding, brand positioning, brand strategy and how to implement.

Justin knows his stuff! Extremely professional and knowledgeable in his field of expertise. When we worked together he knew how to manage and guide his team to meet goals and deadlines. I would highly recommend working with him if given the opportunity!

Richard Vargas - Rock Content

Justin is an exceptional partner to have for your marketing needs. He’s great with both the big picture and the small details regarding brand strategy and campaigns. He really takes the time to get to know the companies he’s working with so that he can help their identity shine through in their branding. As a fellow marketer, 10/10, I recommend working with Justin if you need help positioning your brand.

Meaghan Alvarado - CEO | Tidal Creative Group

Justin is the rare talent that builds the creative while aligning and delivering business goals. He sees the small and big picture; employing those insights into building strong branded narratives and user experiences that deliver influence and value to clients and consumers. I have worked with Justin on multiple projects across the consumer electronics & accessories, health and wellness software services, and home monitoring hardware and software markets, his branding expertise has been a key part to our many successes.

Dominic Sharlette - CEO | Piv.It Technologies

Motivation, ambition, and most of all, passion are characteristics you will see shine from this individual. His entrepreneurial drive and fascinating interpersonal skills are what gives me the pleasure of knowing someone with stupendous pride, appreciation, and optimism toward future business en devours. Justin Bordeaux is a person in touch with humanity while also assessing the need for business professionalism.

Alex Rozo - CFO | Miami Capital

Justin is absolutely amazing. I felt like I was spinning out of control mentally. His words helped me see the value in myself, he was able to help me see my situation from outside looking in, breaking down the cycle that I was in. He was able to give me tools to use when I was having such a low. I am very grateful for Justin.

Tiffany M. - Life Coaching Client
I don’t want to sound too over the top, but Justin has been AMAZING! It’s fabulous when you meet and work with someone that gets you, the company and our vision. His work ethic is superior, just like his talent and it’s an absolute pleasure working with Justin.

Anne Quirino - Director Of Operations

I was impressed with his professionalism and knack for the fine details. He listened to the story I shared about my business and put the heart of the business into every piece of the brand. I have since gotten to know Justin and his leadership within the community and he is garnered not only my appreciation for his skill set but my respect for the impact he has on everyone he meets.

Charles Johnston - CEO | Heart Wired Digital Solutions

I seriously don’t know he does it but he just keeps pulling off the impossible in the 11th hour. He has been the biggest asset I have had in a very long time. He has made everything easier and It’s been vital knowing I have someone I could trust to just get the job done.

Dmitry K - CEO | Motorsport Games

What is the Brand Eco System?

Create a Brand Experience worth Remembering

01 Business Basics

Every business starts with the basics but are they aligned with the rest of your goals as you’ve grown over the years?

02 Brand Leadership

Lead the market and lead your organization. When you lead in your market space you set new standards raising the bar and your brand value.

03 Operations | “The Experience”

Every interaction customers or clients have with your business affects the brand equity and price points of your products or services. Are you ready to scale? Develop a scaling model to make sure you can handle the growth and you give your audience the best experience possible.

04 Brand Strategy

Far more than logos and stationary, your brand is only as strong as the strategy that is responsible for creating the brand personality giving your target audience something to connect with.

05 Culture

We do more when we are aligned with the same vision and mission. Build a culture under shared values. Brand culture is both internal with supportive, happy, and productive staff along with creating a sub-culture of brand loyalists.

06 Sales & Marketing

Marketing is the delivery force to your messages while sales is essential when it comes to converting. Many companies put all their chips with blind expectations giving too much weight to marketing. In this day in age, it’s vital that you are utilizing an Omni TouchPoint strategy.

07 Measure Impact

A strong brand focuses on both Quantitative and Qualitative metrics. From spotting industry trends to conversion metrics, be ready to pivot when driving price increases.

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Book a discovery call, it only takes 15 mins.

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We identify your needs and goals

Step 3

We strategize and execute

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