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i solve complex problems

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Focused on Mindset Shift & Personal Brand Development
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mental fitness

Develop a strong consistent mindset

master your emotions

Break self sabotage

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find balance

End burnout and find fulfillment
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make the identity shift thats been holding you back

I’ve witnessed countless entrepreneurs lose their sense of identity or operate on autopilot, seeking fulfillment, clarity, and a way to break free from the mental barriers holding them back. I understand the struggle of striving for personal and professional growth, only to encounter seemingly insurmountable obstacles. With over 23 years of experience in engineering successful brands, I’ve worked with driven, influential leaders and those struggling to overcome self-sabotage, stress, and the urge to quit.

By guiding high performers to break their limits and make transformative identity shifts, I help them find fulfillment, boundless motivation, and true balance in their lives.

While I continue to act as a partner in various businesses, I’m also dedicated to coaching business leaders on how to reach the next level of success. I support other passionate, mission-driven leaders by speaking at events, leading private workshops, creating engaging content, and providing education that inspires growth and empowerment.

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Nov, 2023

Virtual Brand Strategy Masterclass

New York November 26, 2023 09:00-March 8, 2024 23:30
Apr, 2023

i convince people to believe in themselves




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Justin is absolutely amazing. I felt like I was spinning out of control mentally. His words helped me see the value in myself, he was able to help me see my situation from outside looking in, breaking down the cycle that I was in. He was able to give me tools to use when I was having such a low. I am very grateful for Justin.



I was impressed with his professionalism and knack for the fine details. He listened to the story I shared about my business and put the heart of the business into every piece of the brand. I have since gotten to know Justin and his leadership within the community and he is garnered not only my appreciation for his skill set but my respect for the impact he has on everyone he meets.



Motivation, ambition, and most of all, passion are characteristics you will see shine from this individual. His entrepreneurial drive and fascinating interpersonal skills are what gives me the pleasure of knowing someone with stupendous pride, appreciation, and optimism toward future business en devours. Justin Bordeaux is a person in touch with humanity while also assessing the need for business professionalism.


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