Crisis management

Crisis management

Project details

The original Punta Gabriela web project was off course by over 8 months with communication issues plaguing development. I was brought on staff for this project alone by the agency that held the contract for the project. Serving as a project manager, the project was rushed to completion from 60% completion to 95% completion rate. The property owner decided to launch the website in its current state to render the project complete.

With the usage of oversee developers, the website was left with security gaps leaving the website at high risk for hacking. Weeks after launch, the website was indeed hacked and shut down. I was sought out independently by the property to revise the entire project with higher security parameters in place and a new design. A new website was developed locally under strict supervision for a high quality web experience resulting in a very happy client within only 6 weeks.


    • Category : Crisis management & web development
    • Company Type : Hospitality
    • Client : Punta Gabriela
    • Location : Fort Lauderdale, Fl – Dominical, Costa Rica